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FAQ'sFrequently Asked Questions

How much does an attic conversion cost?


An attic conversion costs will vary depending on the size of the space and the materials used. Things to consider when pricing an attic conversion include, stairs, ensuite, wiring, sockets, roof windows, Velux etc.

Please get in touch for a more accurate quote.

Do I need planning permission for

an Attic Conversion?

This is a good question and one we get asked very often. NO is the quick answer with a few conditions, such as that there are no windows to the front of the property.

Please get in touch for a more info about planning permission.

Can I have a Bathroom

 in the Attic Conversion?


Yes, that is often one of the benefits of an attic conversion. The space is usually large enough to incorporate an  ensuite.

Your budget and space available

will determine the final answer !

Please get in touch for a more info about building an Ensuite in the Attic Conversion.